ABRAN is certified to quality management system ISO 9001 since 2008. Also is certified to Environment Management System ISO 14000 since 2010 and certified to Occupational Health and Saftey Management System OHSAS 18001 since 2010.

ABRAN is certified to HSE Management System since 2014.

ABRAN Consulting Engineers has generated the Quality Management System ISO9001 in compliance with the international standards, also documented, implemented and maintained on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of control mechanisms built and improved continuously.
It is prepared in accordance with organizational changes like condition changes in project management and service possesses. The system is designed, implemented and monitored accordingly as follows:

• The required processes are identified and participate in three categories and classified.

• The sequence and interaction of defined processes are presented in Quality Manual.

• Criteria and methods needed to ensure that the effectiveness of operations and controls of these processes have been mentioned in documents in relates to its own process.

• All the resources and information needed to support the implementation and monitoring system processes are defined in procedures. The Managing director with the cooperation of executive officer is responsible for supplying and allocation of resources. Management representative is responsible to ensure that providing the necessary resources and adequate support for the implementation and monitoring processes are appropriate in the internal auditions. Also the need for new sources to develop the service, system or processes to participate in quality programs and quality services in planning will be predicted in order to provide them is attempted.

• To monitor measure and analyze the processes, the required mechanisms are embedded in the systems and are carried out. For this purpose, in connection with a process, a unique process ID is defined.

• All necessary measures which are defined in order to achieve planned results are trained to all levels of the organization and have been implemented by themselves. All personnel are fully convinced of their activities on the set of methods and guidelines which have been developed. Also in order to achieve continually improvement of the quality system and related processes, the required mechanisms are predicted and work within it accepts.

• Processes assigned to non-organizations in ABRAN system are including in some parts of design studies which are in control by the “supplier assessment” procedure and “study and design” procedure in the case of performing by other companies. All system processes with regard to the requirements of the ISO9001 and the requirements of ABRAN Consulting Engineers are designed and supervised by the Managing Director. The system processes are including all administrative tasks, providing resources; perform services, measurement, analysis and improvement. Actions necessary to achieve planned results and continual improvement of processes is taken and the monitoring and measurement are performed in different stages.


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